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Dr. Invitro has a complete team of professional that carefully screen Egg Donors before making them available to our intended parents.

Where to begin

Egg donation

The first pregnancy resulting from egg donation was reported in 1984. Since then, egg donation has helped many struggling with infertility to conceive. Egg donation is most commonly used when the patient is unable to produce her own eggs.  The donated eggs are fertilized with partner sperm as in a conventional IVF treatment cycle, and one (or two) transferred as an embryo for pregnancy.

The main reason why women fail to produce eggs is related to age; as women grow older their stock of eggs declines in the number and quality up to the menopause, by which time natural reproduction is no longer possible. Some women experience premature menopause (known as ‘primary ovarian insufficiency’), while others may have ovarian problems that preclude egg development and ovulation. This can happen in women as young as 20 or 30. For these women, egg donation is the only possible fertility treatment.
In such cases (even in women beyond natural menopause), egg donation is the only treatment for pregnancy.
Egg donation also is used for women who have normal ovulation, but who have poor-quality eggs, for instance, women who have had multiple failed IVF cycles, women of advanced reproductive age (over age 38), and women with a low response to medications for ovarian stimulation.

Egg donation is a fertility treatment for women unable to produce their own eggs or at high risk of transmitting genetic disease.

Healthy egg donor

Healthy egg donor

Commonly, egg donors must be a certain age, usually 21, and be no more than 35. The lower limit ensures that a woman can legally enter into a contract. Some programs prefer to use donors who have already given birth or successfully donated eggs. It is believed that they are more likely to be fertile and it is easier to anticipate their feelings about having genetic offspring born to someone else.

This is one of the most important criteria you should always bear in mind. All our egg donor are medically, genetically and psychologically screened. So you can be sure that you will choose a healthy egg donor. Also, you can find their reproductive history in their profile and the outcome of prior donations if they had donated before. If you are a male couple desiring to share the eggs, it’s important to select an egg donor who produced enough eggs during her past donations cycles to accommodate this.

Anonymous egg donation

Anonymous egg donation

Anonymous donation: These donors will remain unknown to the recipient. Intended parents will not be given any contact information.

A core part of the egg donation process is that each donor understands and is accepting of her role. She is donating her eggs to a growing family, not expanding her own (at this time). Egg donors in anonymous programs do not typically agree to a relationship with the intended parents and/or baby. These parameters are in place to respect the wishes of egg donors. After the donation, their part in the process is complete.

The amount of information available about an anonymous donor can vary widely.  Depending, you might have access to adult photos, childhood photos, and the donor’s written answers to questions about her personality, hobbies, talents, and interests.

Personal preferences

Personal preferences

Social and cultural background: Many of you would like to find an egg donor who has a similar social/cultural background like you so the future child will fit well in your social/cultural community.

Educational background: Some intended parents would like to have children who will have in the future great grades at school and at university. That is pretty understandable. Our profiles will show you the educational history of each egg donor.

Physical traits: This part is like going on a dating site. There is no right or wrong and the physical preferences are very different from individual to individual. For many couples it’s important that the egg donor looks similar to them.
All our egg donors have pictures of them in their profiles. Some even gave us pictures of their extended family or made a small video for you.

The Matching

Matching with your donor involves several steps that at Dr.Invitro, we have simplified to improve your experience. They are the following:

Please visit our in-house egg donor pool data. There you can define certain criteria like educational background, hair and eye color, and many more unique features.

If you do not find an egg donor that fulfills your personal wishes, then you might contact an egg donor agency. Dr. Invitro is very proud to work with many different reputable egg donor agencies. This dedicated agency will help match the best suitable candidate according to your desires.

Some of our intended parents have a friend who would like to be their egg donor. In this case, it’s very important to let us know in the early stages of your journey so that our physicians can review her medical status and determine if she is a good candidate to donate eggs.

The Screening

Differently than many other facilities that offer egg donor matching, our donors are already thoroughly screened before being placed into the donor database and ready to start their cycle upon confirmation that they are your ideal match. Egg donor screening:

The screening process includes Interviews with a psychologist/social worker/our egg donor experts, medical and genetic screening.

Egg donors from an outside egg donor agency or a donor candidate who you know and would like to donate for you must fulfill the same screening criteria as our in house donors before they can be accepted by our physicians. If she meets all the specific screening criteria set by our physicians she will then be able to donate for you.

This ensures you will have the best possible donor candidate to help you achieve your family building goals. Please feel free and ask our experts at any time if you would like to have further information regarding the comprehensive egg donor screening process.

Cycle Preparation

The prep stage begins 2 to 4 weeks before you start your IVF cycle. It includes making small lifestyle changes to make sure you’re at your healthiest. We might recommend medications to get your menstrual cycle regular. This makes starting the rest of the IVF stages easier.

Cycle Follow-Up

Typically your egg donor will be on daily injectable fertility drugs which will allow her to produce multiple eggs. She will be monitored with an ultrasound and blood work during this time to confirm her response to medications.

In general, it takes approximately 10-13 days of medications before your donor is ready for egg retrieval.

The Retrieval

The egg retrieval is a minor surgical procedure done under conscious sedation. The eggs are retrieval under ultrasound guidance.

Price List of Treatments

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Egg Donation

Egg Donation is a process by which a woman donates some of her eggs to another person or couple who would otherwise not be able to conceive.

The Egg Donor

The Egg Donor undergoes a controlled and very safe ovarian stimulation, under strict medical guidance, leading to the retrieval of the eggs

Cost Effective

The use of donor eggs is becoming more common, and there are many reasons why intended parents seek egg-donation.

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