Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction-based approach in which the intended parents assign the gestation and birth to another woman.

Freezing and Storage of Sperm

This is the process of freezing and storing semen samples so you and your partner may use them to become pregnant in the future. Whether you have just discovered that you have a fertility problem or have been struggling for years, dr.Invitro offers you a unique blend of patient-centered care and state-of-the-art reproductive technology. Once you decide to thaw and use your frozen sperm samples, one of our specialists will carefully assess you and your partner’s condition and develop a personalized treatment plan designed to give you the best chance of conceiving.

There are many situations that could interfere with your future fertility. For these reasons and others, many men decide to freeze sperm as a safeguard against unforeseen future circumstances.

These may include:


2.Radiation therapy

3.Certain types of pelvic or testicular surgery


5.Illnesses (such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis) that may cause erectile difficulty

6.Spinal cord disease or injury

7.High risk occupations or sports

8.Preparation for a future fertility treatment

Sperm can be frozen indefinitely. We will continue to store the sperm for as long as the annual storage fee is paid. However, you must keep us updated regarding any address changes. If we can’t reach you to collect the storage fee and to confirm that you want to maintain the frozen samples, we will thaw and destroy them. The success rates of using stored sperm vary and depend on several factors.

First, your health or underlying illness may affect the quality of the sperm at the time they are frozen.

Second, approximately 60% of the sperm frozen will survive the freezing and thawing process.

Third, the success rates will depend on your female partner’s age, fertility status, and the method of assisted reproduction that is used. If the sperm quality is low, a pregnancy can still be achieved but may require a more complex form of treatment, such as ICSI.

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